Graham's amazing mind reading act returned to the USA once more as he travelled to Vail to perform at a conference of some of the country's leading business executives. It was the second time that Graham has travelled to North America to perform for the organisation and his performance did not fail to impress them once more.

With such a diverse and unique act, Graham is able to tailor his performance to the each different audience that he works with, using the guests to inspire and personalise his illusions. A sophisticated and seasoned illusionist, Graham is sure to have left the audience in Vail equally fascinated by both his skill for witty entertainment and his amazing psychological gymnastics.



Rotary International

Entertained for Rotary International in Scarborough at their Annual Conference.

Corporate USA

Graham Returns to USA to Entertain Key Corporate Figures...

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Real Estate Event

Performed at The Association of Real Estate Funds at the Dorchester Hotel London.